Maya Banks – Sweet Seduction

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Book Three in the Sweet Series.

Star Rating 4.5 out of 5

I can honestly say this book was a pleasure to read, it contains everything that a hot erotic romance should.  Amazing characters, amazing sex scenes and a story that drives you forward at a pace that keeps you breathless for more.

This book brings us Nathan and Julie’s story, both characters we have met in other books in the series.  The story starts with Julie having decided that she has had enough of waiting for Nathan, and gives him a send off he wont forget!

It starts out with a high octane bang and carries on to the end.  The relationship between Nathan and Julie is wonderful to watch unfold, how two strong independent characters can get things so confused is a delight to read.  Nathans perplextion is endearing whilst Julie’s independence is wonderful but at times slightly annoying when she gets too stubborn!

What I also like about this book is the continuing development of past characters relationships and how they continue to develop into deeper levels.  Every character adds an extra dimension to the book whilst at the same time not detracting from Nathan and Julie’s story…in fact just  the opposite, adding the perception of individuals able to carry on multifaceted relationships with all of those around them.  All of the characters in this book are well rounded intriguing and enjoyable individuals.

For me though the highlight of this book was Julie’s journey of self discovery, which was written so well by Ms Banks…I especially enjoyed the scene where Julie finally understands what drives Serena and truly begins to accept and understand her friend’s lifestyle and allows her a deeper understanding of herself.  Ms Banks excels at writing a story that can grip your emotions and have you laughing, crying and so hot you dont know what to do with yourself…and this is no exception!

I eagerly await Micah’s story next, sure in the knowledge that Ms Banks will once again deliver a highly erotic, incredibly sensual and enjoyable story.

  1. Sweet Surrender
  2. Sweet Persuasion
  3. Sweet Seduction
  4. Sweet Temptation (Apr 2010)

Christine Feehan – Dark Slayer

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Book 20 in the Carpathian (Dark) series

Star Rating 2 out of 5 (would have been 3 except I skipped so much of it)

I have been reading Ms Feehan for a long time now, having found her through this series andI  have come to enjoy her work but with varying degrees.  Some books I love, some are ok but I like , some I don’t.   Having said that I think I have become slightly bored with this series.  The chants and language is driving me absolutely insane.  Other than waiting for Skylar’s book I think I will end this series with this book…I will leave it on a high!

I did enjoy the story, having long awaited Ravans story and it didnt disappoint.  Ravan and Ivory were both wonderfully written characters full of angst, pain and strength of character.  Both on the fringes of civilisation, both put there by Xavier and both determined to bring him to justice…their justice.

What I liked most about this book though was the departure from the stereo type of the Carpathinan male and his mate.  Ivory is the stronger of the two, Ivory is the warrior and the one best able to defeat Xavier, Ravan is her mate and her aid together they are whole, defining neither and yet both.  And I loved that aspect of the story. 

 However as with the last few books I skipped a huge chunk of story where healing chants were done, and healing processes were explained to death, where language and translation were given time and time again.  It detracted from the story for me, and it annoyed me.

So I will step back from the series, wait for Skylars story and then bid it a fond farewell, I have enjoyed my time with it but its time for pastures new…and the Jaguar series is looking good!


  1. Dark Prince
  2. Dark Desire
  3. Dark Gold
  4. Dark Magic
  5. Dark Challenge
  6. Dark Fire
  7. Dark Dream (in Twilight anthology)
  8. Dark Legend
  9. Dark Guardian
  10. Dark Symphony
  11. Dark Descent (in The Only One antholgy )
  12. Dark Melody
  13. Dark Destiny
  14. Dark Hunger (in Hot Blooded)
  15. Dark Secret
  16. Dark Demon
  17. Dark Celebration
  18. Dark possession
  19. Dark Curse
  20. Dark Slayer
  21. Dark Peril (out in 2010)

Lorelei James – Shoulda been a cowboy

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Book 7 in the Rough Riders Series

Star Rating 4 out of 5

I have read all of the Rough Riders books and what I love the most about the series is that each one is so different, it deals with different aspects of the erotic, from menage to BDSM to D/s to Vanilla and everything in-between.  And they are written very well, each character connecting with the others but each one an individual.  The series works well as a whole but each can be read as a stand alone.  So if your not  ‘into’ threesomes you can skip, Chassie, Trevor and Edgard’s story…although I wouldnt recommend it…as its one of my favourites and a fantastic MMF menage.

This story finally gives us Cams story, the wounded hero who returned from serving in Iraq without a leg and scars both physical and mental.  Cam is a Dom through and through, he is happy with his sexuality and isn’t willing to change, he is what he is no excuses.  Even if that means staying away from sweet Domini, the one woman he really desires.  Domini though is not what he thinks she is, she is in fact a natural submissive and the perfect complement to him. 

What I truly enjoyed about this book is that Domini isn’t portrayed as a simpering sub, she is portrayed as a strong independent woman who, because of her inner strength, is able to offer her gift of submission freely.  Cam knows he loves Domini and Domini knows she loves Cam but neither are truthful with each other and believe the other doesn’t feel the same way, that it is purely sexual.  I am sure you can imagine the problems this may cause, and I’m not going to reveal anymore due to spoilers.

This was an incredibly well written story that had me riveted, breathless, hot, romantic and tender all at once.  I have long wanted Cams story and it didn’t disappoint in any way.  The sex scenes were incredibly hot and steamy and yet so moving at times…especially when Cam finally lets Domini see his leg stump.  I loved Cams jealousy during and after the threesome with his best friend…the fact that he was giving the woman he loved and who gave her submission freely, something that she wanted to experience…it is D/s at its best.  A Dominant truly caring for the needs, wants and desires of his submissive.

Both Cam and Domini were complex characters that drew you into them, leaving you wanting them to see the truth and truly find each other.  And the support cast were, as always wonderful, it really is great to meet old friends from past books and see how they are doing.  And the mischief they still get up to, along with Cam and Domini.

If you like D/s or just a good old, plain erotic love story then this is one that I am sure you will enjoy!

I eagerly await the next installment in this wonderful series of interlocking family and friends.  Some with kink and some just hot vanilla sex but all with a great story to tell.

I should just mention as this is a samhain publication it comes out in ebook first and then in paperback a year later, so the paper backs are only up to Rough, Raw and Ready. 


  1. Rode Hard, Put Up Wet
  2. Tied Up, Tied Down
  3. Long Hard Ride
  4. Cowgirl Up and Ride
  5. Rough, Raw and Ready
  6. Branded as Trouble
  7. Shouda Been a Cowboy

September 2009 New Release List

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Well Autumn is on its way, the kids are all back and school which means that officially Christmas is only round the corner…now aren’t you glad I reminded you!

Well August was a fantastic month for books out, and September isn’t looking to shabby either, which is good because when its windy outside we should all stay indoors nice and warm with a good book and a cup of tea!  Except I don’t drink tea, so mines a coffee.

  • Songbird – Maya Banks – 1st September
  • Barely Bewitched – Kimberly Frost – 1st September
  • Storm of Shadows – Christina Dodd – 1st September
  • Dark Slayer – Christine Feehan – 1st Septmeber
  • Big Bad Wolf – Christine Warren – 29th September
  • Unhallowed Ground – Heather Graham 29th September
  • Covet – J R Ward – 29th September
  • Frostbitten – Kelley Armstrong – 29th September
  • Blood Bargain – Maria Lima – 29th September



Review: Jayne Castle – Obsidian Prey

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Book six in the dust bunny oops sorry Harmony Series!

Star Rating 3 out of 5

Dust bunny rating…off the chart!

I am very sorry but I have to do this, I cannot write the review until I have got this out of my system! 

DUST BUNNIES! There is a dust bunny in the book, I love dust bunnies, I want a dust bunny, I want a book that is just about dust bunnies, and Ms Castle is cruel by not letting us play longer at the dust bunny party! 

Ok that’s out of my system, I am calm now, I can now hopefully write a sensible review.  Obsidian Prey once again returns us to Harmony a world that once was connected to earth and colonised by humans, but two hundred years ago was separated.  The humans trapped adapted and utilised what was available to them, and have evolved slightly with an ability to harmonise with amber psychically.

Although this is part of a series this book is very much a stand alone, and the world is described clearly with enough detail to capture the attention of a new reader but without too much to bore a seasoned fan of dust bunnies, sorry the series.  And that is an incredibly fine balance that Ms Castle has achieved very well.

In this book we meet Lyra, an amber tuner and part time prospector three months after she has ended her relationship with Cruz the CEO of AI, who stole her new amber claim out from under her.

This was a wonderful book of a strong no nonsense, slightly cynical woman who meets an alpha male who believes heavily in true love…and knows she is his, whatever she says!  Its a great twist on the usual romance as Lyra breaks Cruz’s heart…just ask his family!

This was a witty, intelligent battle of wills with an adorable killer dust bunny, that moves along at pace fast enough to keep you hooked but not so fast as you get confused.  The plot twists and turns and the romance heats up.  All in all this is a wonderful book even without the wonderful dust bunnies in it and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend anyone to read it.

And again I aplogise for the dust bunny mania that has gripped me ever since they first made an apperance…I have considered getting help but I love them too much to even consider it!

Go get the book, enjoy the story and understand my addiction to Jayne Castle books.


  1. After Dark
  2. After Glow
  3. Ghost Hunter
  4. Silver Master
  5. Dark Light
  6. Obsidian Prey

Review: Pamela Palmer – Passion Untamed

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Book three in the Feral Warriors Series

Star Rating 3 out of 5

This is a great new series that started in June, about a group of Therian shifters called the Feral Warriors. They protect the Therians from the Mages, the Dradens and Human discovery. It is also their job to protect the Radiant, the most important woman both to Therians as a whole and the the Feral Warriors in particular, as it is from her they gain their powers. 

The first book in the series introduced us to Kara a woman raised as a Human but who was in fact a Therian and destined to be the new Radiant. She falls in love with and becomes the mate of Lyon, the leader of the warriors. The second book gives us Tighe’s story as he tracks down his evil clone created by a Mage witch with the help of Delaney an FBI agent.

Therians and Mages have fought as long as memory can go back, they are mortal enemies but for a time they united to fight the ultimate evil, Satanan, who was defeated and locked inside the Daemon blade. However a group of evil mages are seeking to release him and have managed to gain control of the blade and are reeking havoc on the Feral Warriors.

This book gives us Paenthers story. A Warrior with a deep personal hatred of the Mages.  He is captured by the beautiful Mage enchatnress Skye, but his hatred of all Mage blinds him to the truth about Skye and the pain and suffering she has endured at the hands of the archsorcerer Birik since she was a child.

I have enjoyed each one of these books equally, they are very hot and  sexy with a high blood count but also with a level of angst that really works for me. At times I really felt for Skye and the pain and rejection she endures at the hands of just about everyone, especially Paenther.

I will admit that at times the books have stretched the imagination a little too far and I have sat there thinking yeah right a few times, but then so do a lot of other books, lets face it a writer can’t please us all, all of the time and on the whole Ms Palmer pleased me most of the time with her stories.

If you like Christine Feehan and J R Ward then I am sure you are going to love this series. Ms Palmer writes in a style that is uniquely her own but just imagine the Brother’s in Carpathia and you have the type of wonderful world building Ms Palmer has achieved.   And I for one feel that it works well and am looking forward to Jags story next year.

But I do have to say Ms Palmer, how cruel it is to give us three books all in a row then make us wait a whole year for the fourth one!  But hopefully we will get three books in a row again to make up for it!?


  1. Passion Untamed
  2. Obsession Untamed
  3. Desire Untamed
  4. Rapture Untamed (July 2010)

Review: L L Foster – The Kindred

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Book 3 in the Servant trilogy.

The Servant series as a whole has been a wonderfully crafted dark, edgy and incredibly unique urban fantasy that has had me reading with a pounding heart at times and at others with tears in my eyes for the life Gaby, the lead character, has led.

Gaby is God’s paladin, she was born in horror and has lived her whole life alone, an outcast and in pain. Because of this she is truly innocent in the ways of the world and yet at the same time she is far more worldly wise than anyone should be.  She is a ruthless killer for God, allowing him to use her as he will to eradicate true evil from the face of the earth. The monsters she encounters don’t have fangs or fur, they are far scarier than that, they are wholly human and completely evil.  Gaby is God’s wrath, his vengeance, his tool.   A tool that he has no compunction to use, to bend to his will, he is an old testament God that believes in an eye for an eye.  Gaby is more than willing to do her duty and take that eye, turning the other cheek is not an option for her.  Her reward for all of this has been pain, both physical and emotional and a life that was bleak and without hope.  

That is until she meets Luther, a cop with an aura unlike any she has ever seen before, a man who sees beyond the abrasive attitude she shows the world, but one who sees the true reason both Gaby and God do this, love for the worlds innocents. And Luther loves her all the more for it.

In this final installment (how that hurts to write!) Gaby has finally moved in with Luther, but it isn’t going to be easy.  The opening chapter had me reading with a breaking heart for Gaby as she struggled against her duty to God and her feelings for Luther.  Ms Foster did a wonderful job portraying Gaby’s desperation and pain along with Luther’s reaction to seeing her in the grip of a mission, and later Gaby’s terror in the face of the storm.

After this the book begins to take a less edgy, lighter turn (in context of the other two books) as Gaby and Luther struggle to find a way to work together, both in trying to find a vicious cannibal and in living together.  Whilst I have enjoyed the edgy feel to the other two books that this one to a degree lacked, I can fully understand why this one was softer in tone, as it is sadly the last one.

The twist to the story was unforeseen but perhaps a little cliched, and in fact left more questions than it answered, which is a little frustrating as its the last book.  I don’t want to go into too much detail as it will be too huge a spoiler but suffice it to say that it did detract slightly from the ending that should have been by rights a wonderful conclusion to a fantastic series. 

All things considered I enjoyed this book immensely.  The romance between Gaby and Luther was at the heart of the story and it was wonderful to watch Gaby grow and come to the realisation that she was no longer alone, and that perhaps she could find a way to be happy.  And I loved watching Gaby explore her sexuality, in fact at times I did feel a little sorry for Luther as Gaby found the power of mind blowing sex!

This has been a wonderfully dark, edgy and emotional journey with a truly unique heroine that I shall sadly miss. 


  1. The Awakening
  2. The Acceptance
  3. The Kindred

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