Christine Feehan – Dark Curse

Book 16 in the Dark (Carpathian) series (story 19 including anthologies)

This book is a further story in the Dragonseeker Arc and the De La Cruz brothers.  Lara is a mix of Dragonseeker, Mage and Human a daughter born to Razan an enemy of the Carpathians.  Nicolas, her life mate, is of the De La Cruz family and was planning to walk into the dawn before he became a vampire.

The storyline for this book is great, Lara escapes Xavier and Razan as a young child and then as an adult sets about seeking her aunts who saved her.  But it just doesn’t live up to its expectation in my opinion.  Its still a good book, and it answers a lot of questions from the series, such as why the carpathian women loose so many children.  It also gives us the answer to is Razan good or evil, alive or dead.  But it just seemed to lack something to make the great story line become a great book.

Part of the problem for me, I think, was that Ms Feehan spent too much time with the Carpathian language and healing chants, its cool that she is writing this ‘new language’ but if I wanted a language lesson I would buy a language book.  I spent much of my time skipping sections to get back to the story, taking some of the pleasure out of it.

I really did enjoy watching Lara deal with her emotional problems stemming from her traumatic childhood with Razan and Xavier, and trying to save the unborn babies, but I felt slightly cheated on this.  Ms Feehan could really have made this an emotional book with Lara’s story and every so often I would get a taste of this, but then a healing chant would pop up, or a new term of endearment would need translation and it lost its emotional power.

For me this book is a mixture of answers and disappointment.  I kept seeing a great story but had to wade through a language lesson to get it, and as I failed GCSE French a couple of decades ago it just doesn’t cut it for me.  If you really enjoy the language building in Ms Feehan’s world then I am sure you will love this book.  As to me, I will continue to patiently wait for Skylar and Dimitri’s story (and hope the language building is finished by then).


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    ~ by Tazallie on September 9, 2008.

    One Response to “Christine Feehan – Dark Curse”

    1. I recently found the Dark series by Christine Feehan and have fallen in love with it. She is one of my favorite authors and doesn’t disappoint.
      Dark Curse is an amazing book and worthy of the series thus far!

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