L L Foster – The Awakening

Book one in the Servant Series
LL Foster is also writes as Lori Foster

This book really does offer something different in the Urban Fantasy/Paranormal genre. I found it too be a dark, gritty book that really does bring us a new heroine.
Meet Gaby, Gods Servant. Only this is no gentle god, this is a god who has no compunction in using a young woman to kill evil, bending her to his will through pain and despair. Gaby has known no real love in her life, only rejection as a freak and weirdo, until as a young girl she met Father, a priest who gave her life a sense of purpose, but set her on a lonely and difficult path in life.
The book centres around Gaby and her reactions to two people in her life, Detective Luther Cross, a person she see’s as a true soul and Morty her landlord who wants to be her friend.
Gaby is no innocent in the fact that she not only kills, she mutilates and annihilates, and yet she is a real innocent, having no conception of relationships of any kind. She has devoted her life to fighting real evil, to the extent that she has no life. But Luther and Morty want to change that, in their own unique ways they both barge into her life and carve a place for themselves in her strange and isolated world.
This is truly a unique character that has so much scope to grow and develop as the series continues, that I am eagerly devouring the second book now, wanting to know just where Gaby,Luther and Morty are heading with each other.
If you like J D Robb’s Eve or Patricia Brigg’s Mercy then I am sure you will enjoy this one too.


  • 1 The Awakening
  • 2 The Acceptance
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    ~ by Tazallie on September 9, 2008.

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