October 2008 Book List

Well there are a few books that I have been waiting for (Katie Macalister and Kelley Armstrong naming just two)  so I should have a fairly good month book wise in October, just wish there had been more out this month that I had really wanted to read. Oh well only a couple more weeks till October!

Anyway here is my October reading list, and don’t be shy share what you are waiting for!

  • Maggie Shayne – Angels Pain – 1st Oct P
  • Kathy Love – I Want you to want me – 1st Oct P
  • Cait London – For her Eyes only – 1st October R
  • Mindy Klasky – Magic and the Modern Girl – 1st Oct P
  • Karen Chance – Midnights Daughter – 7th Oct P
  • Katie Macalister – Up in Smoke – 7th Oct P
  • J R Ward – Black Daggers Brotherhood Guide -7th Oct
  • Anya Bast – The Chosen Sin – 7th Oct P
  • Diane Whiteside – Bond of Darkness – 7th Oct P
  • Kelley Armstrong – Living with the Dead – 21st Oct P
  • Iris Johansen – Dark Summer – 21st Oct R
  • Kerrelyn Sparks – All I want For Christmas is a Vampire – 28th Oct P
  • Laurell K Hamilton – Lick of Frost -28th Oct P
  • Carole Nelson Douglas – Brimstone Kiss 29th – Oct P

As always the dates are correct as to the best of my knowledge, but may change.



~ by Tazallie on September 16, 2008.

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