Melina Morel – Prey

I am sorry to say that I didn’t like this book very much at all, it fell into that strange category of book that I finished more because I had started it, than a real desire to finish it.

It isn’t a bad story really, but neither is it anything special.  If I had to give it a category I would have to say it was perhaps leaning more towards mediocre.  For me the writing was very stilted, it just didn’t seem to flow very well at all.  I kept wondering if it was because many of the characters were Russian, so perhaps Ms Morel was writing as they would speak, but I don’t really think it was that, more that I was being told what was happening all the time, rather than being shown it and thus being able to imagine it for myself (and for me that’s an important part of reading)

The story of the book is that Viv and her brother Marc, both North American Maine Coon Were-cat’s, are being targeted by thieves and thugs .  They hire Pavel, a Russian Blue Were-cat, as their security expert and it soon turns out that a stolen Russian icon has been stored without their knowledge in their warehouse.  Added to this Viv and Pavel soon find themselves falling in love, even though it is forbidden by both of their clans.

On the face of it, the book sounds ok, but in truth it isn’t all that gripping or even interesting.  Ms Morel tries to fit too many elements into the book, the storyline with the thugs, the problems with Viv’s leader, the issues with Pavel’s Pack.  She then tries to combine the mysticism of the gods and goddesses of the were-cats, and the romance between Viv and Pavel.  I felt that nothing really rang true in this world Ms Morel had created, and that too little time was given to any of the story-lines to make the book gripping.  Sometimes less is more and I really think that in this case that’s true of this book, perhaps if Ms Morel had kept the story simpler and devoted more time to building up the characters and the world they lived in it would have been a much better read.

I wanted to engage with Pavel and Viv but sadly found them lacking any real depth…and the romance was pretty bland to say the least…jump into bed once, declare undying love and live happily ever after…very Barbara Cartland!

Sadly this isn’t a book I would recommend, unless you liked Barbara Cartland romances in the 80’s!


~ by Tazallie on October 7, 2008.

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