Maggie Shayne – Angel’s Pain

Book 15 Wings in the Night Series

This is the first book I have read By Ms Shayne, but i doubt it will be my last.  This is the latest book in the wings in the night series, a paranormal romance series about vampires and their human counterparts known as the chosen.  The series spans historical to a CIA developed vampire group, and that is where Angels’ pain comes in.

Briar is a vampire turned and then later tortured by Gregor.  Gregor himself was turned by the CIA to capture another CIA turned vampire called Reaper.  Confused yet? don’t be, the book is very easy to follow even though it is book 15 in a series, and the third book in the Reaper/CIA story arc.  Reaper has gone rogue from the CIA and has created a band of misfit vampires and chosen humans, all determined to track down and kill Gregor for their own reasons.  But Briar is the most determined to kill him and sees the others only as a means to an end, or so she tries to convince herself over and over again.

I really liked Briar, she was a child of abuse and neglect that felt the streets were safer than living at home, even if it meant selling her body to survive.  She placed her trust in Gregor only to have it betrayed.  I would be very skeptical if Briar was then portrayed as this wonderfully balanced, compassionate person.  She isn’t, she is a distrustful young woman who is willing to use her body, her wits and her mind to get what she wants.  Reaper however manages to see behind this to the woman who cares for a mentally challenged vampire called Crisa.  Reaper wants more than Briar feels she can give, but as they race to save Crisa from both Gregor and the CIA Briar comes to realise that it is possible for her to love, be it Crisa or Reaper.

I think what I liked most about this book was the slightly darker element to the usual romance story, and it is very much a romance book, but the heroine isn’t your typical romantic heroine, in fact in some ways she is probably the antithesis of a romantic woman.  And more power to Ms Shayne for daring to write such a female lead. I look forward to more from the series (Please Ms Shayne can we have Matt’s story when he grows up?)


  1. Twilight Phantasies
  2. Twilight Memories
  3. Twilight Illusions
  4. Beyond Twilight in Strangers in the night
  5. Born in Twilight
  6. Twilight Vows in Brides of the night
  7. Twilight Hunger
  8. Embrace the Twilight
  9. Two by Twilight
  10. Edge of Twilight
  11. Blue Twilight
  12. Prince of Twilight
  13. Demon’s Kiss
  14. Lovers Bite
  15. Angels Pain
  16. Bloodline May 2009

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  1. Is it Fine written article , Thank you author

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