Mindy Klasky – Magic and the Modern Girl

Book Three in the Jane Madison Series

This book is a great paranormal Chick-lit romance. It is vaguely in the style of Charlaine Harris’s Sookie Series, however it is more than that as Ms Klasky has her own voice and style, that really does keep you turning the pages (or in my case scrolling, as I read it on my IPhone).

Once again I haven’t read the others in this series, (has anyone noticed a pattern with me? as I rarely seem to start a series from the start!). But that didn’t stop me from really enjoying this book, the storyline was very easy to follow, as were the characters and the series arc.

The book is about Jane Madison, who two years ago found out she was a natural witch, her day job though is as a librarian. However just lately she has just been too busy to be a witch, and hasn’t practiced at all in the last few months. When she goes down to her basement to retrieve a magical item she finds that it is all crumbling to dust. Now Jane has to decide just how much she really wants to be a witch. Janes watcher, the very hunky David, is called in to help her, the trouble is the attraction they feel and act upon gets in the way of some series magic, with some catastrophic consequences.

Jane is supported with some really great characters such as Neko her familiar (yes he was a cat now he’s a fashion queen); Her grandmother, who has suddenly decided to get married on Halloween, with an orange and silver colour scheme and also her best friend Melissa with the wonderful mojito therapy and baked goods.

This is a funny story that is easy to read with likable and engaging characters that just keep the story moving at a fast and fluffy rate (Yes I did say fluffy!) Perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon.


  1. Girls Guide to Witchcraft
  2. Sorcery and the Single Girl
  3. Magic and the Modern Girl

~ by Tazallie on October 24, 2008.

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