Kelley Armstrong – Living with the Dead

Book 9 in the Women of the Otherworld Series

I have long enjoyed this series, some books better than others, and some characters I have connected with more.  When this series started with Elena I had assumed that the series would stay with her, as is usual with a serial.  When Dime Store Magic came out I was at the time dismayed to realise that Paige had became the focus of the story and not Elena.  However I now love the fact that this series isn’t about one set of characters but about a whole plethora of women and their lovers, friends and families, women with unusual gifts, talents and hair growths (Sorry Elena!)

This book returns Hope to us, a half chaos demon and her werewolf lover Karl.  These two character’s had their first book Personal Demon and I came to really love them and so I was pleased to see them take on a staring role in this book too.  We are also introduced to Robyn (human) Finn (Necromancer and homicide cop) and Damon (Ghost and dead husband to Robyn).  As has become Ms Armstrong’s style of late the book is divided between the characters of Hope, Robyn and Finn, each one being given their own chapters thus allowing them to tell the story from their own perspective.  Now this may sound a bit confusing, but it isn’t, it really is a unique and entertaining way to follow the story, allowing a much closer understanding of the characters and what drives them.

The storyline to this book centres around the fact that Robyn, who is Hope’s best friend, is the prime suspect in a murder being investigated by Finn.  Damon, Robyn’s dead husband, has managed to connect with Finn and is working with him to help clear Robyn’s name.  Whilst Hope and Karl battle the real murderer and the cabal to find out the truth. 

This book was a fantastic story, fast moving, witty and with fully fleshed characters and a fantastically believable world, (lets face it some of the big conglomerates could easily be cabals!) There are so many things that I like about Ms Armstrong’s writing (the multi character perspective, the multi character serial story arcs, etc) but I also love the way that the love stories are much more believable than in so many books.    The women are all strong and independent but have friends, families and lives and are sometimes insecure about their partners, about themselves and about their abilities without being dysfunctional, they are real women in a world that is something other than humans perceive it to be.

Having said all that I am concerned…the ending between Hope and Karl has me very worried…please Ms Armstrong, please tell me that your next otherworld book will reunite them!  And I would also like to see more of Robyn and Finn and Damon as this could be a really interesting group dynamic.

Now all I have to do is sit back and patiently wait for the next book in this series…(fingers drumming on laptop as I whistle tunelessly)


  1. Bitten (Elena)
  2. Stolen (Elena)
  3. Dime Store Magic (Paige)
  4. Industrial Magic (Paige)
  5. Haunted (Eve)
  6. Broken (Elena)
  7. No Humans Involved (Jaimie)
  8. Personal Demon (Hope)
  9. Living With The Dead (Hope & Robyn)
  10. Men Of The Otherworld (Feb 2009)
  11. Frostbitten (Elena) (Nov 2009)

~ by Tazallie on November 5, 2008.

One Response to “Kelley Armstrong – Living with the Dead”

  1. I loved this series and can’t wait for Men of the Otherworld.

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