Mary Janice Davidson -Fish Out Of Water

Book Three in Fred the Mermaid Series

I love Mary Janice Davidson, well not all her books (I don’t like the werewolves) but I do love Fred and of course I LOVE Betsy, and I was really sad that this is the third and last book in the Fred Series.

Fred has her usual assortment of oddballs vying for her time and driving her insane.  To add to her pressures Jonas her best friend is marrying her boss and bonking every chance they get.  Artur wants her to become ‘She who will be his mate’, Thomas is back from his wanderings and looking as sexy as ever, and she is now the media spokesperson between the surface dwellers and the undersea folk…and oh yeah her traitor father is back.

This is a book that has you chuckling out load to yourself, and thanking God that you life is boring!  As with most MJD books its a very light read (in terms of fluff and word count) but I think that is part of the charm.  They are short (But not a short story) sweet and fun.  I sat and devoured the book in one sitting (luckily it was my day off!) and my only complaint is that its the last in a trilogy, there is so much more to write Ms Davidson.  But then its also perhaps a good idea to end a series on a high, that way we can all imagine Fred and her friends off doing madcap things rather than wishing they would disappear of the face of the earth.  So thanks for the laughs with Fred and her gang, and I will wait for the next Betsy book.


  1. Swimming with the Fishes
  2. Swiming without a net
  3. Fish Out of Water

~ by Tazallie on November 23, 2008.

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