Michele Bardsley – Wait till your vampire gets home

Book 4 Broken Heart Series

If you like Mary Janice Davidson’s Betsy, Erin McCarthy’s Vegas Vampires or Charlaine Harris’s Sookie then you may well like this series.  It is paranormal sexy comedy all the way, all the better because its all about single parents who are vampires! (as a single mum that appeals)

When I first saw this series I was really skeptical about it, a bunch of single parents in a small town turned into vampires…Yeah right!  But it works, at least for me it does.  Each of the parents are completely different, with different stories, attitudes, ages of kids, etc but they are all funny and they all make a weird kind of sense (although this one on occasion felt a bit forced). 

This book is about a single dad of twin toddlers, who meets a paranormal investigator who has arrived in Broken Heart to look into all the strange goings on that have been reported there. Poor Libby spy’s on a vampire, is chased by a zombie, rescued by said vampire, then attacked by dragons and that’s all in the first chapters!.   

We meet all the old faces including the queen of both the vampires and werewolves (who was once the town hairdresser who lived in a trailer and has a real gob on her) and the vampires, the werewolves, the zombies, the fairies and we also meet some dragons. 

On the face of it there just seems too much going on, but its a sexy madcap comedy paranormal chick lit (can I fit anymore labels on?), that is perfect for a boring train ride or a lazy Sunday morning.  This book isn’t one of the best in the series and I did wonder on occasion if perhaps the series needed to end soon, as it felt as if it was beginning to lose momentum, but having said that, I still enjoyed it and will read the next one (about the towns female mechanic). 

One more thing, if you haven’t read any of the other books I really would recommend that you do before you read this one, as there are a lot of repeat characters that aren’t given any introduction for new readers, it is a fully follow-on series.


~ by Tazallie on November 25, 2008.

2 Responses to “Michele Bardsley – Wait till your vampire gets home”

  1. This is exactly the type of fun read I have been looking for to get me through the winter months ahead. Thank you for the review!



  2. Hi Sahar009,

    I’m really glad you liked my review and I hope you like the book. Feel free to add another comment when you have read the book as to what you thought of it!

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