Jeaniene Frost – At Graves End

Book three in the Night Huntress series

 Sometimes a book in a series really does shine, a book that you will remember more than any other, for me in this series this is that book. 

The series revolves around Cat a half vampire/half human vampire hunter and her vampire lover Bones.  In the first book we meet a young Cat who spends her time avenging the rape of her mother by her vampire father by slaying any vampire she can find.  Then she meets Bones, a two hundred plus year old vampire who is also a hired assasin for the vampire world.  After planning to kill him but having the tables turned on her Bones agrees to train her and work with her if she agrees to go after rogue vampires only, vampires who kill humans. 

Ms Frost writes their relationship with passion and with fun.  They spar and they love, they argue and they …. but you always want more, you want them to have more.  And then there are the fight scenes, scenes that keep you on the edge of your seat, turning the page because you have no other choice because you have to find out who lived and who died.

Whilst this book contains those elements, especially the fight scenes some of the passion is missing in Bones and Cats relationship, but for me that felt right.  They are together, they are a unit and they are unshakable in their love for each other.  The passion is there but its muted now, its grown into something more and for me that is part of this books charm. 

Cat and Bones are facing a war between the vampires, they join together with Mancheres (Bone’s Grand-sire) to battle this new threat to them and along with them come some familair characters and , some who you love, some you don’t trust and some who make you laugh (and I have to say I love way Bones is with his almost mother in law and one of the best scenes in this book revolves around Bones, Cat, her mother and a Ghoul!). 

The action is fast passed and intense.   And it is heartbreaking.  I won’t go into to much detail and spoil it but there is one section of this book that had me in floods of tears, Ms Frost should rightly be proud of herself for her writing,  she drew out my emotions, mainly because the character reacted in a true fashion and I hated and loved it.

There may be some who prefer the more passionate books that have gone before but I preferred this one.  I must be a little bit odd I think, because I love to read a book that can make me cry, I admire an author that can draw you in, twist you up and then make you want to read the next page, the next chapter and the next book. And that is what Ms Frost has done for me here.

So if you have read the other two book then I suggest you hurry up and get this one, I don’t think you will be disappointed and if you haven’t read the others then hurry up and buy them so that you can read this one!

I eagerly await more from this wonderful author and the fantastic characters she has created.



~ by Tazallie on January 7, 2009.

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