Jennifer Rardin -One More Bite

Book 5 in the Jaz Parks series

The premise of this series isn’t anything unusual in the paranormal genre and the characters of Jaz and Vayl are your typical fare.  And yet the books are a great read, or at least they have been up till now.

Jaz Parks is a CIA assassin, she was a member of an elite force that went after vampires, her whole team including her fiance were killed but she survived with the help of some higher help.

Jaz is now assigned to work with another CIA assassin, only this one is a master vampire called Vayl.  Over the previous 4 books we are faced with Jaz and Vayl learning to become a team, along with the usual motley crew of side kicks.  The books are entertaining and well told, and throughout the books the relationship between Jaz and Vayl grows, with Jaz fighting it all the way due to the death of her fiance and Vayl fighting it due to the death of his sons centuries ago and his obsession with finding their present reincarnation.  And at the same time fighting their arch enemy Edward Samos another master Vampire.

However this book in which Jaz and Vayl have finally admitted their feelings for each other lacked any real depth.  They are sent to Inverness to find an assassin who is trying to kill the leader of a coven of witches who supported their dead arch enemy Samos.  Along with them is Jaz’s father, (now this did present some funny moments and one almost emotional spot) however I found myself frustrated with Jaz’s immaturity, the fact that her and Vayls relationship didn’t go anywhere, and the lack of any real movement in the series.  The situation with Jaz and Vayl felt like it had been done to death and I kept thinking just get on with it will you!  It was sadly getting really boring really fast.

This book had the feel of a filler, one where the author has a story to tell in the series but can’t get point A and point B to meet so creates point X to get it there, butwe all just wish that X was skipped and B leptto with some clever back story. 

And for me there was a glaring mistake in Ms Rardin’s research that really, really annoyed me.  In the book Viv uses Sign language which is great and I was really excited about it, however as she is presumably British (as she and her mum are from London and its never mentioned they are anything else) she would be using BSL (British Sign Language) now Cole as we know is American and he admitted that he knew sign language  as his brother is d/Deaf, but he would know ASL (American Sign Language) and they are as different as say English and German, sign language is not a universal languageso Cole wouldn’t be able to talk to her with sign language as they are infact talking two different languages!  This was a really annoying lack of research on Ms Rardin’s part, and a somewhat common mistake people make.

One the whole I was mostly just annoyed with the book, annoyed with the sign mistake, annoyed with Jaz whining about her relationship with just about everyone, and annoyed with the lack of real point to the plot except as a way to drop a couple of hints of problems in the CIA.  Overall if you have read the other Jaz books then read this one as I think it has a couple of plot setups for the future, but if you haven’t yet read any Jaz books don’t start with this one as you may well never read the others that are better.


  1. Once Bitten, Twice Shy
  2. Another One Bites The Dust
  3. Bitting the Bullet
  4. Bitten to Death
  5. One More Bite

~ by Tazallie on January 18, 2009.

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