Suzanne Brockmann – Dead of Night

Book 14 in the Troubleshooters series

I am a huge fan of this series and this writer.  This series has always been complex to follow, with each book having many re-occurring characters and story-lines.  Romances are spread out over many books, rarely dealt with in one book thus allowing an in-depth look at the characters and relationships and allowing the reader to really engage with them and care what happens to them.

A long time story arc has been the Sophia/Decker/Dave storyline which finally reached its conclusion in this book.  And to be truthful I loved and hated it.  I can see why she paired Sophia up with who she did, and the pairing to me made a lot of sense but it did feel a bit rushed, as if Ms Brockmann is perhaps getting tired of writing them and wants all the lose ends neatly tied up.

I liked the pairing that Ms Brockmann went with in the end, I could never see Sophia with Decker as he just wasn’t able to forgive himself for what he perceived he had done to her many years ago.  And I really like Dave and wanted him to get the girl (even if the girl has often annoyed me with her mooning over the one man who isn’t ever going to love her),

 I can see why a lot of people aren’t going to like this book, the characters aren’t as strong as they have been in the past, but there are some great scenes where these changes are explained to a degree.  What I did find hard to swallow in this series was how quickly Decker and Tracy became happily ever after.  This just didn’t work for me, don’t get me wrong Tracy and Decker as a couple works great, its just how fast it happened. 

Decker is perhaps one of the most complex characters in this series, very tormented and dark with many difficult issues that he has never confronted.  And whilst Tracy had been maturing over the series it really was too fast the way Tracy had become an insightful tough chick  from the airhead slighlty slutty woman/child from previous books.  It didnt feel right that Decker was suddenly opening up to himself, Tracy and his feelings for Sophia.  It just didn’t ring true to the integrity of the series, and the way the complexity of relationships has been explored over time and with a natural growth.

I am glad everyone ended up with who they did, it does make sense.  And the Nash/Tess continued storyline was fantastic,  but I just had the feeling all the way through this book that this was a hurried tying up of loose ends.

I can’t say I was disappointed in this book because I wasn’t, it was a good book but I was disappointed in the way it felt hurried and rushed.  The overall story line was good, but I think its the beginning of the end for this series (lets face it there aren’t that many single characters left in the teams!)


  1. The unsung hero
  2. The defiant hero
  3. Over the edge
  4. Out of control
  5. Into the night
  6. Gone to far
  7. Flashpoint
  8. Hot target
  9. Breaking point
  10. Into the strorm
  11. Force of nature
  12. All trough the night
  13. Into the fire
  14. Dark of night
  15. Hot Pursuit (Summer 2009)

~ by Tazallie on February 5, 2009.

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