Rachel Vincent – Pride

Book 3 in the Faythe Sanders (Were-cats) series

Well what do you say about a book that you put down crying and seriously considered re-reading straight away?

When I first started reading this series I had trouble getting into it, in fact I had to try to read the first book ‘Stray’ three times before I found its rhythm.  Sometimes you just know that a book is worth the extra effort and ‘Stray’ was definitely worth the time. In fact this series has become one of my top three favourites.

The series is based around Faythe Sanders, a female were-cat (tabby) and her battles for independence within her family, pride and her job as an enforcer.  She wants more out of  life than to just be a tabby who gets married and breeds the next generation of werecats (even if she does love her on again off again lover Marc), she wants to be independent, not realising the high cost her independence has on her family, friends and even herself.

Pride starts with Faythe standing trial for the infection of her ex-boyfriend and his  murder.  If she is found quilty by the tribunal of pride alphas then she may well face the death penalty and there is nothing her family will be able to do about it.

But Faythe and the Pride are faced with much more than just the tribunal, there is a pack of man eating strays in the neutral territory the tribunal is being held in.  And as if that’s not enough there is also an unknown underage tabby found in the woods and only Faythe can get closer to her, even if it is against the tribunal and her fathers orders.

This book was a fantastic read, the only problem with it was that it ended…and where it ended! How could Ms Vincent do that to me! I can’t wait ! I need to know what happens next…and I’m not going to tell you what has me so worked up…you will just have to read it for yourself… and its well worth the time to do it!


  1. Stray
  2. Rogue
  3. Pride
  4. Prey (out 1 July 2009)

~ by Tazallie on April 15, 2009.

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