Patricia Briggs – Bone Crossed

Book 4 in the Mercy Thompson series

This has been the hardest review I have written, mainly because all I want to do was gush about how fantastic the book is…the trouble is it makes me sound like a mindless idiot when I do (and OK some might say I am a mindless idiot but that would be for another post).

By and far this series is my favourite, there is just something about these books that draws me to them, and whilst many people disliked the subject matter in the last book (Iron Kissed) I was a huge admirer of the way Ms Briggs handled the subject.  And once again I take my hat off to the way Ms Briggs handled Mercy in this one.

This book follows on directly from the ending of the last, Mercy is trying to deal with the rape and with her feelings for Adam.  She has finally admitted that she loves him and is willing to accept him and his pack, but accepting and doing are not the same thing as Mercy soon finds out.

In this book we meet Mercy’s mother (that was fun!) and a friend from her past who asks for her help.  With Marsilia (queen of the vampires) wanting Mercy’s blood it seems like a good idea to leave town for awhile and help out this friend, but as you may expect all is not as it seems and Mercy is soon drawn into a life threatening situation.

What I love most about this book is the fine blend Ms Briggs has woven of emotional depth, a fast paced story and humor.  Whilst we sit and read these wonderful books our favourite authors give us, it is worth remembering that it cannot be easy to write something that can grip us, engage us or make us laugh. 

For me the Mercy books will always remain some of my all time favourites, and as always I eagerly await the next book (oh how long a year is!)

OK that wasn’t so bad not too much gushing! but then its only taken me a month to write this review!

I would like to add to Ms Briggs, (should she ever stumble on my little blog )we here at Unicorn Tree books, both staff and customers, thought that when you no longer want to write Mercy’s story we thought you could then move on to Samuel, then Stefan, then Ben, then Todd…I think you get the idea of where we are going with this!


Mercy Series

  1. Moon Called
  2. Blood Bound
  3. Iron Kissed
  4. Bone Crossed
  5. Silver Borne (Feb 2010)

Alpha & Omega Series

  1. On the prowl (anthology)
  2. Cry wolf
  3. Hunting Ground (Aug 2009)

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