Christine Feehan – Burning Wild

Book 3 in the Leopard People series

I haven’t read the other two stories is this series because they just never appealed to me.  Whilst this is book three it is also very much a book that can stand alone.  I certainly don’t feel that I have missed anything from not having read the others in the series, Ms Feehan has done a wonderful job of explaining the world of the leopard people and more importantly, Jake’s world.

The first part of the book focuses on Jake Bannaconi and the abuse he suffered at the hands of his parents, parents who had bred him as an nothing more than an experiment.  They thought they had failed, little realising that the child they despised was everything they wanted him to be…a full shifter, a leopard.  Jake has no concept of love, his childhood didn’t allow it in any way, shape or form and he has now dedicated his adult life to destroying his enemies…his parents.

However Jake’s life is about to change when Emily enters it, a young woman whose husband was killed in the same accident that kills the mother of Jake’s  unborn child.  Jake decides that she is just who he needs to raise his new son and sets out to trap her in his life.

I’m not going to go any further into the plot here as it has the potential to spoil it for some, but this story kept me turning the page late into the night.  This is a story of a wounded hero who doesn’t think he is wounded and doesn’t think he is any kind of hero and a woman who can see far beneath the rough exterior of the man she loves. 

Ms Feehan has done a wonderful job of showing a man changing step by step, day by day, having his life changed without him even realising it.  I loved Jake, he had, to me, an innocence that was at odds with the fact that he was a manipulative SOB and yet it rang true, explained very well in the first part of the book.

When you add the action to the emotional reactions of the characters you really do get a fantastic reading experience, one that I won’t hesitate to say surprised me…I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this book nearly as much as I did.  Don’t get me wrong there were bits of it that had me shaking my head wondering what on earth the characters were doing, but they in no way detracted from the whole of the book, in fact we often look at people and wonder what on earth they are doing!

I doubt I will ever go back to read the other books as they in no way impacted on this one but I do know who I want the next book to be about, but I shall just have to wait and see if I get my wish!


  1. The Awakening (in Fantasy)
  2. Wild Rain
  3. Burning Wild

~ by Tazallie on May 19, 2009.

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