Michele Bardsley – Over My Dead Body

Book 5 in the Broken Heart Series

This book is perfect chic-lit vampire fare, it fun, its sassy and its short…well not to short but it feels like it, cos you just whizz through it in a single sitting (or at least I did).

The Series is about a small town in rural Oklahoma that has a high rate of single parents, and in one night 11 of those parents are turned into vampires.  From this we meet the consortium who is setting up base in the now deserted town of broken heart, the consortium being a group of vampires, lycans, sidthe and an assortment of other para’s who want to live in peace with each other and the human world.

Each book tells the story of one of the single parents, and this time its Simone Sweet’s turn.  Simone is the mechanic in broken heart, but she has some deep dark secrets that are about to come back to haunt her.  But hopefully the new man in her life, Brady, will be there to help her through the life and death choices she faces.

As I said earlier, this book is short and sassy, its perfect reading for an easy afternoon when you just want to chill out and have some fun.  Its not laugh out loud funny, or even chuckle to yourself but its well laced with humour, sarcasm and wit.  As well as hot bods, chocolate induced near orgasm’s and nasty villains. 

Some of the books in this series have been better than others, and this one is one of the best so far.  The books are far from engrossing reads but then they aren’t supposed to be, they are light hearted reads that are for fun.  The characters are great to read but have little heavy substance to them, even if they do have emotional back stories.  But again they don’t need to, the fun and chaos that makes these books great would be lost from the series if they were weighted down with too much back story, or too much angst waiting to be resolved.

The real beauty of these books is that they are pure light hearted escapism at its best, they arent looking to be anything other than what they are…and that is a fun read on a lazy day.

If your new to this series you could pick this book up cold and read it without benefit of having read the others, as Ms Bardsley does a wonderful job of explaining all the characters, without boring those who have read the other stories.  However to really enjoy the book I would recommend you read the others first, and they are worth a read!


  1. I’m The Vampire That’s Why
  2. Don’t Talk Back To Your Vampire
  3. Because Your Vampire Said So
  4. Wait Till Your Vampire Gets Home
  5. Over My Dead Body

~ by Tazallie on May 21, 2009.

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