Review: Rachel Vincent – Prey

Book 4 in the Faythe Sanders (Were-Cats) Series

Before I start I just want to say two things:

Firstly that this series is just getting better and better and secondly that I feel Ms Vincent must surely have a sadistic streak as wide as her talent and as her talent is huge that’s saying something!

Over the past books we have watched Faythe get herself in and out of many situations, some of which are of her own making.  But in this book we see Faythe grow into the leader that her father always hoped she would be.

We join Faythe and the South Central Pride as they are taking Manx to face the tribunal and her trial.  For Faythe this means that she is finally going to get to see Marc for the first time since his banishment because of  her own trial.  But as you may well imagine things are never as easy as Faythe may want and this time is no exception.   After Faythe returns home she hears that Marc has been kidnapped by a group of strays and so she heads off in search of him, but things are taking a turn for the worst at home with the council vote and soon her loyalties are divided between saving the man she loves and her responsibilities to others at home.

What I truly enjoyed about this book was the way that Faythe is maturing and turning into the woman that her father and Marc always believed she could one day become.  Ms Vincent has allowed her character to slowly mature through painful mistakes and difficult choices.  Over the books we have watched Faythe grow from this almost spoiled bitch/princess to the woman she is in this book, a woman that you can respect and admire but one who still makes mistakes and who doesn’t have all the answers.  A woman who has had to come to terms with the fact that her actions past and present have hurt a lot of people, including her lover and her father.

Not only that though but we see a real depth to secondary characters, characters that other writers may have missed.  Ms Vincent first introduced us to Faythe’s mother as Faythe saw her…a stay at home Tabby who was a quintessential housewife but who we now know is the steel back bone of her family and more than capable of defending her children…with claws if necessary.  Then there is Faythe’s father, the tyrannical Alpha who isn’t such a tyrant but rather a father and leader who sees something in his daughter that she hadn’t yet seen in herself.   Then there is Jace, I’m not going to say anything more about him because in this book we see a real change in him, one that I’m not sure will be for the better but that I am pretty sure will make for an interesting read.

The whole Pride storyline in the series is building with a fantastic tension that I didn’t see coming in the first two books but that is keeping me gripped and desperate for more.  Its an intricately woven story that is only being revealed slowly, almost like looking at a tapestry close up..we start by only being able to see Faythe then we take a step back and can see her family, take another step back and we see the how the family fits in with the other Prides.  I am eagerly awaiting to see what is reveled in the next step of this expanding world and story.

And that is where Ms Vincent is sadistic…how can she keep drawing me in, making me stay up till 4 am to finish the book and leave it with another major cliff hanger and not just on one, but on a number of levels!  Its just too cruel, to evil, to sadistic… but its a brilliant glimpse of the storyline to come!


  1. Stray
  2. Rogue
  3. Pride
  4. Prey

~ by Tazallie on July 2, 2009.

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