Review: Sharon Ashwood – Ravenous

Book 1 in the Dark Forgotten Series

This is a wonderful new series that promises to be one to watch out for.  The book centers around Holly Carver, a witch from a long line of powerful witches, only Holly has a slight problem she can’t perform Big-M magic without series consequences.  Normally this isn’t a problem as magic is just a way to pay the bills, not something life or death, but something strange is happening in Fairview and it is up to Holly and her vampire partner and friend Alessandro to stop the demon on the rampage in this quiet college town .

From the start this story catches you in its thrall, raising your heart rate and blood pressure, alternately through on the edge of your seat action and through the tenderness displayed by Alessandro.  Whilst this is a vampire story it feels different, perhaps it is Alessandro’s old word charm or Holly’s almost naivete but this book felt like a new voice in the urban fantasy/paranormal genre.  Holly isn’t your typical kick ass heroine with no friends or family, she’s a normal woman hoping to go to college to further her business and live happily ever after with her college professor boyfriend.  Alessandro isn’t your typical dark brooding vampire even though he is dark and brooding, there is something old world about him a chivalry that is seldom seen or portrayed so well.  This book is akin to a classic horror tale but with a modern bite to it. 

The support characters were equally well written and whilst the next book is about Mac I can’t help hoping that Perry and even Queen Omara will have their stories told.  Ms Ashwood’s world building was good and lays down a strong foundation for future stories, however I have to admit that I had to go and check that I hadn’t missed a book in the series. There appeared to be an assumption in the begining that we should have already known Holly’s background  and the world she lives in (although it did get explained later on in the book).  Whilst this was annoying at first I can forgive Ms Ashwood for the simple fact that I did not see the sting at the end, and that is something incredibly rare for me…I have usually figured out who did it, where, when and why very early on in a book!

I eagerly look forward to Mac’s story and hope that it can contine to deliver what this one has promised!


  1. Ravenous
  2. Scorched (Dec 2009)

~ by Tazallie on July 11, 2009.

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