Review: Jeri Smith-Ready Wicked Game

Book 1 in the WVMP Radio series

Sometimes you don’t discover a series until there are a couple of books out already, then you get the wonderful pleasure of reading them back to back.  This is the first book in the series and I decided to review this one for those who haven’t found the series yet.

I am not a mega vampire fan, I actually prefer shape-shifter stories but I liked this story because the vampires aren’t your typical vampires, and the main female character is actually a con artist trying to go straight.  So why aren’t the vampires your typical vamps? Becuase when they are turned they get stuck in the decade they died in, they then find it very difficult to live in the modern world, in fact they average only about 70 years after their death because they just can’t cope with life Now.  Whilst they are your usual amoral, don’t give a damn blood suckers, this twist also gives them a vulnerability that you often don’t get in vampire books.  Without the radio station that they work for these vampires would just fade away in their own little past world and die.  I also absolutely love the way they have obsessive compulsive tendencies as a result of being turned and trying to live in the present.  I also found the way Ms Ready-Smith explained this to be very insightful and very well written.

The story centres around Ciara, a con woman going straight who manages to get an intern job at a local independent radio station, only to discover the night DJ’s are in fact vampires.  Ciara finds out the hard way what they are, when Shane the youngest of the DJ’s bites her.  After refusing to work for them but getting sucked in by circumstances Ciara comes up with a plan to save the failing station…tell everyone tongue in cheek that the Dj’s are Vampires!  The ploy works with some unforeseen consequences.

I enjoyed the novelty of vampires with OCD, but I also enjoyed how Ms Smith-Ready managed to keep the story moving forward in a a manner that wasn’t too dark and heavy and yet tackled some pretty deep things, such as why the vamps have OCD, why they are stuck in the past and why Ciara is the way she is.  There were some very profound moments in the book for me but without feeling that its heavy or out of place, in fact just the opposite as the book was very much fun to read. 

There is a wonderful balance of humour, compassion, action and  romance to make the book not only great but interesting.  Its a unique take on vampires that I found thoroughly enjoyable, so if you’re like me and want your vamps to be something other than smoldering sex machines pick this book up, you just might enjoy it, I know I certainly did.

I’m now off to read the second book, Bad to the Bone cos the idea of a vampire dog really does intrigue me!


P.S. Stop by the authors site for some great short stories about the DJ’s

  1. Wicked Game
  2. Bad to the Bone

~ by Tazallie on July 12, 2009.

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