Review: Catherine Anderson – Kendrick/Coulter series

This review is slightly different from the majority I have done in that it isn’t about one specific book in a series but the whole of it, add to that this is an old series.

The reason I have decided to write this review is because I have just re-read the series for the third time in less than a year, something unheard of for me.  What I had forgotten isn’t the stories…I remembered them vividly… but the beauty of her writing and the strength of her heroines.

Catherine Anderson is a outstanding writer of romances, and these are pure romances in the traditional sense, which normally doesn’t appeal to me as I tend to like a bit or paranormal or suspense with my romance to keep it going.  What draws me to these books time and time again are the heroines. 

The series is about two families, who are joined by marriage in book two.  The Kendricks have two sons, and the Coulters have one daughter and four sons.  Each book tells the story of one of these siblings, and what stories they are.

Ms Anderson knows how to tell a story with emotional punch and she knows how to write an incredibly strong yet vulnerable female character.  A woman that you can admire, can truly route for and identify with.  The hero’s are all cut from the same cloth- rugged alphas but who are able to admit that they draw their strength from the women in their lives.

Let me tell you a bit about the women in these books and maybe you will understand why this series is extraordinary. 

Maggie a young woman forced to flee on to the rails with her newborn baby, terrified that her abuser and the father of her child will find her and sell her baby.  

 Bethany who is a paraplegic. 

Molly who is fleeing an abusive ex-husband.

Natalie a divorcee looking after two kids and her grandfather on a dead end wage.

Carly a young woman with a rare eye deisease that has resulted in her being blind for most of her life, until a recent operation briefly restores her sight.

Laura who is brain damaged and unable to fully communicate but who was once a high flier.

Samantha a woman who is willing to go to jail to prevent cruelty to animals.

Where else can you find a line up like this?  Ms Anderson has tackled not just one taboo subject but several and has done so with a compassion and strength rarely found in other books.  Don’t get me wrong some of the books are better than others and whilst the men are wonderful they are all very much the same, as to a degree are the woman.  But what I love is the way Ms Anderson has risen to the challenge of showing that woman can be at the end of their rope, can be on the fringes of ‘normal’ but can truly be strong, even when they feel weak and desperate.  These to me are truly powerful women.

The books sound like they should be angst ridden stories but they aren’t, they are uplifting and re-affirming ,and I commend this author for writing these books in such a way that I have no doubt I will re-read them again and again over the coming years.


  1. Baby Love
  2. Phantom Waltz
  3. Sweet Nothings
  4. Blue Skies
  5. Bright Eyes
  6. My Sunshine
  7. Sun Kissed

~ by Tazallie on July 19, 2009.

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