Review: Faith Hunter – Skin Walker

Book one in the Jane Yellowrock Series

This book has sat on my shelf for a couple of weeks, not screaming at me to read it because at first scan the book reminded me to a degree of the Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs. Perhaps its becuase they are both the last of the skinwalkers, perhaps its because thier characters are of a similiar nature. Whatever the reason, I wish I had given myself the pleasure of looking past these simiarities earlier and read it when I first got it!

Jane Yellowrock is a skinwalker and as far as she knows is the only one of her kind.  The only trouble is she isnt really sure what her kind is, as she has no memories before she walked out of the wilderness at the age of twelve, a feral child.

Jane makes her living as a vampire hunter, in a modern world where vampires and withches are in the open but other paranormals are  still only speculation.  Her latest job brings her to New Orleans where she has been hired by vampires to hunt a  vampire.

Jane is your usual kick ass heroine but with a twist, she has an alterego – Beast – the big cat that resides within her.   Jane has no idea what Beast is or how she got there but she does know she shares her body and perhaps her soul with her, and Beast is all alpha.

I thoroughly enjoyed, no I will rephrase that, I thoroughly loved, the narrative from Beasts perspective, how she views the world and how she views Jane – the soul thief.

The action in this is fast paced and thrilling but what is also intriguing and very enticing  is the journey of discovery that Jane embarks on as parts of her missing memory begin to return and not everything she learns is welcome.

The foundation for this series has been very well laid with some very interesting secondary characters,  very intriguing possibilities for the future of the series as well as  some wondeful character development for Jane herself.

I will tentitively say that if the next book is as good as this then this may go alongside the Mercy Thompson and Faythe Sanders books as a favourite series.

Dont wait like I did read it today!


  1. Skinwalker
  2. Blood Cross (January 2010)

~ by Tazallie on July 28, 2009.

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