Review: Karen MacInerney – Leader of the Pack

Book three in the Tales of an Urban Werewolf series

This series is about Sophie Garou, a born werewolf who was raised outside of a pack by her witch mother.  In fact Sophie doesn’t want to be a werewolf and drinks gallons of wolfbane tea to help prevent her from changing.  Sophie is happy in her life as an auditor and has just made partner.  Sadly turning hairy on a regular basis has forced her to end her engagement to long term and very normal boyfriend Heath before he found out what she is.  On the upside her new client Mark is steaming and hot for her…a fact that has made her break up more bearable.  Then there is the mysterious lone wolf Tom, who unfortunately is dating her best friend Lindsey, who by the way wants to become a werewolf.

This series is a good read that keeps you interested and with this book is beginning to hot up considerably.  What keeps me reading is the fact that Sophie isn’t your usual stereotype heroine…she’s an accountant and wants to only be an accountant, its not her fault her mother is a witch and her father is a werewolf!  Its not really her fault all this weird stuff happens around her, it just does!

Ms McaInerny fills her books with humour, spice, action and characters that are witty, intelligent and normal, well ok normal if you’re a werewolf in Austin. 

This book deals with Sophie finally meeting her estranged father and trying to defend him from a murder conviction at a werewolf trial.  Along the way she finds out some interesting facts about the men in her life and also about herself.  As well as having to uncover the real bad guy, fight of the demon of lust and stay alive when so many people seem to want her dead.

If your looking for something to read that’s not too heavy but also not too light then go get this series as it’s entertaining and fun.


  1. Howling at the Moon
  2. On the Prowl
  3. Leader of the Pack

~ by Tazallie on August 16, 2009.

2 Responses to “Review: Karen MacInerney – Leader of the Pack”

  1. Thanks for the wonderful review… so glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Your very welcome! The series really is fun to read, I look forward to the next one…soon hopefully?!

    And a big thank you for dropping a line here!

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