Review: Christina Dodd – Storm of Visions

First book in the new Chosen series.

Welcome to the fight between The Chosen and The Others.  Each are people who were abandoned as babies, each have paranormal ability, each have to decide are they on the side of good or evil, the Chosen or Other.

This is a classic tale of good versus evil but with a unique twist and a fascinating legend of twins, The Abandoned Ones,  rejected and left to die due to vanity.  From this one act is spawned the  current battle between good and evil, The Chosen and The Others.

Every seven years, seven new Chosen join the battle against  The Others and this year they are an eclectic and mixed bunch that compliment and spark off of each other, they are also going to be faced with a harder task than any other group of Chosen so far. 

The first one of the seven to get her story is Jacqueline Vargha, a woman who has been running from her gift, her destiny and her lover.  But Caleb D’Angelo whilst a patient man isn’t going to let her run any longer, its time for Jacqueline to accept who she is; one of the Chosen and his soul mate. 

This book is a wonderful mix of romance and paranormal suspense, the characters are well written, diverse and intriguing.  The plot has enough twists and turns to keep you guessing but without making you feel sick.  The romance has enough sizzle mixed with a wonderful dose of tenderness and vulnerability.  Ms Dodd also did a fantastic job looking at the relationship between Jacqueline and her mother as well as the mix of Jacqueline, Caleb and her mother  (and lets not forget Caleb and his mother, cos you have to love an alpha male who loves him mum!)  All of these elements combine to give a romantic paranormal suspense story that is well worth a read.

Ms Dodd is an author who knows how to write romance, if your looking for lots of blood and gore you wont find it here, but if you want a a fast paced romance then pick up this book up and get caught up in the legend of  The Abandoned Ones.

I eagerly await the next book and the next Chosen ones story, that of the enigmatic and reluctant Aaron Eagle. 

One final point, if you have read Ms Dodd’s Darkness Chosen series, you will be pleased to know that that series gets a mention in this one, with hopefully a future quick visit to some old favourites? (well I can hope can’t I?)


  1. Storm of Visions
  2. Storm of Shadows (1st September 2009)

~ by Tazallie on August 22, 2009.

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