Review: Pamela Palmer – Passion Untamed

Book three in the Feral Warriors Series

Star Rating 3 out of 5

This is a great new series that started in June, about a group of Therian shifters called the Feral Warriors. They protect the Therians from the Mages, the Dradens and Human discovery. It is also their job to protect the Radiant, the most important woman both to Therians as a whole and the the Feral Warriors in particular, as it is from her they gain their powers. 

The first book in the series introduced us to Kara a woman raised as a Human but who was in fact a Therian and destined to be the new Radiant. She falls in love with and becomes the mate of Lyon, the leader of the warriors. The second book gives us Tighe’s story as he tracks down his evil clone created by a Mage witch with the help of Delaney an FBI agent.

Therians and Mages have fought as long as memory can go back, they are mortal enemies but for a time they united to fight the ultimate evil, Satanan, who was defeated and locked inside the Daemon blade. However a group of evil mages are seeking to release him and have managed to gain control of the blade and are reeking havoc on the Feral Warriors.

This book gives us Paenthers story. A Warrior with a deep personal hatred of the Mages.  He is captured by the beautiful Mage enchatnress Skye, but his hatred of all Mage blinds him to the truth about Skye and the pain and suffering she has endured at the hands of the archsorcerer Birik since she was a child.

I have enjoyed each one of these books equally, they are very hot and  sexy with a high blood count but also with a level of angst that really works for me. At times I really felt for Skye and the pain and rejection she endures at the hands of just about everyone, especially Paenther.

I will admit that at times the books have stretched the imagination a little too far and I have sat there thinking yeah right a few times, but then so do a lot of other books, lets face it a writer can’t please us all, all of the time and on the whole Ms Palmer pleased me most of the time with her stories.

If you like Christine Feehan and J R Ward then I am sure you are going to love this series. Ms Palmer writes in a style that is uniquely her own but just imagine the Brother’s in Carpathia and you have the type of wonderful world building Ms Palmer has achieved.   And I for one feel that it works well and am looking forward to Jags story next year.

But I do have to say Ms Palmer, how cruel it is to give us three books all in a row then make us wait a whole year for the fourth one!  But hopefully we will get three books in a row again to make up for it!?


  1. Passion Untamed
  2. Obsession Untamed
  3. Desire Untamed
  4. Rapture Untamed (July 2010)

~ by Tazallie on August 27, 2009.

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  1. This sounds kewl as hell!! I will definitely have to look into collecting these especially now that it seems the Dark-Hunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon is starting to slow down a bit as she puts out books for other series. *cries*

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