Review: Jayne Castle – Obsidian Prey

Book six in the dust bunny oops sorry Harmony Series!

Star Rating 3 out of 5

Dust bunny rating…off the chart!

I am very sorry but I have to do this, I cannot write the review until I have got this out of my system! 

DUST BUNNIES! There is a dust bunny in the book, I love dust bunnies, I want a dust bunny, I want a book that is just about dust bunnies, and Ms Castle is cruel by not letting us play longer at the dust bunny party! 

Ok that’s out of my system, I am calm now, I can now hopefully write a sensible review.  Obsidian Prey once again returns us to Harmony a world that once was connected to earth and colonised by humans, but two hundred years ago was separated.  The humans trapped adapted and utilised what was available to them, and have evolved slightly with an ability to harmonise with amber psychically.

Although this is part of a series this book is very much a stand alone, and the world is described clearly with enough detail to capture the attention of a new reader but without too much to bore a seasoned fan of dust bunnies, sorry the series.  And that is an incredibly fine balance that Ms Castle has achieved very well.

In this book we meet Lyra, an amber tuner and part time prospector three months after she has ended her relationship with Cruz the CEO of AI, who stole her new amber claim out from under her.

This was a wonderful book of a strong no nonsense, slightly cynical woman who meets an alpha male who believes heavily in true love…and knows she is his, whatever she says!  Its a great twist on the usual romance as Lyra breaks Cruz’s heart…just ask his family!

This was a witty, intelligent battle of wills with an adorable killer dust bunny, that moves along at pace fast enough to keep you hooked but not so fast as you get confused.  The plot twists and turns and the romance heats up.  All in all this is a wonderful book even without the wonderful dust bunnies in it and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend anyone to read it.

And again I aplogise for the dust bunny mania that has gripped me ever since they first made an apperance…I have considered getting help but I love them too much to even consider it!

Go get the book, enjoy the story and understand my addiction to Jayne Castle books.


  1. After Dark
  2. After Glow
  3. Ghost Hunter
  4. Silver Master
  5. Dark Light
  6. Obsidian Prey

~ by Tazallie on August 30, 2009.

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