Lorelei James – Shoulda been a cowboy

Book 7 in the Rough Riders Series

Star Rating 4 out of 5

I have read all of the Rough Riders books and what I love the most about the series is that each one is so different, it deals with different aspects of the erotic, from menage to BDSM to D/s to Vanilla and everything in-between.  And they are written very well, each character connecting with the others but each one an individual.  The series works well as a whole but each can be read as a stand alone.  So if your not  ‘into’ threesomes you can skip, Chassie, Trevor and Edgard’s story…although I wouldnt recommend it…as its one of my favourites and a fantastic MMF menage.

This story finally gives us Cams story, the wounded hero who returned from serving in Iraq without a leg and scars both physical and mental.  Cam is a Dom through and through, he is happy with his sexuality and isn’t willing to change, he is what he is no excuses.  Even if that means staying away from sweet Domini, the one woman he really desires.  Domini though is not what he thinks she is, she is in fact a natural submissive and the perfect complement to him. 

What I truly enjoyed about this book is that Domini isn’t portrayed as a simpering sub, she is portrayed as a strong independent woman who, because of her inner strength, is able to offer her gift of submission freely.  Cam knows he loves Domini and Domini knows she loves Cam but neither are truthful with each other and believe the other doesn’t feel the same way, that it is purely sexual.  I am sure you can imagine the problems this may cause, and I’m not going to reveal anymore due to spoilers.

This was an incredibly well written story that had me riveted, breathless, hot, romantic and tender all at once.  I have long wanted Cams story and it didn’t disappoint in any way.  The sex scenes were incredibly hot and steamy and yet so moving at times…especially when Cam finally lets Domini see his leg stump.  I loved Cams jealousy during and after the threesome with his best friend…the fact that he was giving the woman he loved and who gave her submission freely, something that she wanted to experience…it is D/s at its best.  A Dominant truly caring for the needs, wants and desires of his submissive.

Both Cam and Domini were complex characters that drew you into them, leaving you wanting them to see the truth and truly find each other.  And the support cast were, as always wonderful, it really is great to meet old friends from past books and see how they are doing.  And the mischief they still get up to, along with Cam and Domini.

If you like D/s or just a good old, plain erotic love story then this is one that I am sure you will enjoy!

I eagerly await the next installment in this wonderful series of interlocking family and friends.  Some with kink and some just hot vanilla sex but all with a great story to tell.

I should just mention as this is a samhain publication it comes out in ebook first and then in paperback a year later, so the paper backs are only up to Rough, Raw and Ready. 


  1. Rode Hard, Put Up Wet
  2. Tied Up, Tied Down
  3. Long Hard Ride
  4. Cowgirl Up and Ride
  5. Rough, Raw and Ready
  6. Branded as Trouble
  7. Shouda Been a Cowboy

~ by Tazallie on September 19, 2009.

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