Maya Banks – Sweet Seduction

Book Three in the Sweet Series.

Star Rating 4.5 out of 5

I can honestly say this book was a pleasure to read, it contains everything that a hot erotic romance should.  Amazing characters, amazing sex scenes and a story that drives you forward at a pace that keeps you breathless for more.

This book brings us Nathan and Julie’s story, both characters we have met in other books in the series.  The story starts with Julie having decided that she has had enough of waiting for Nathan, and gives him a send off he wont forget!

It starts out with a high octane bang and carries on to the end.  The relationship between Nathan and Julie is wonderful to watch unfold, how two strong independent characters can get things so confused is a delight to read.  Nathans perplextion is endearing whilst Julie’s independence is wonderful but at times slightly annoying when she gets too stubborn!

What I also like about this book is the continuing development of past characters relationships and how they continue to develop into deeper levels.  Every character adds an extra dimension to the book whilst at the same time not detracting from Nathan and Julie’s story…in fact just  the opposite, adding the perception of individuals able to carry on multifaceted relationships with all of those around them.  All of the characters in this book are well rounded intriguing and enjoyable individuals.

For me though the highlight of this book was Julie’s journey of self discovery, which was written so well by Ms Banks…I especially enjoyed the scene where Julie finally understands what drives Serena and truly begins to accept and understand her friend’s lifestyle and allows her a deeper understanding of herself.  Ms Banks excels at writing a story that can grip your emotions and have you laughing, crying and so hot you dont know what to do with yourself…and this is no exception!

I eagerly await Micah’s story next, sure in the knowledge that Ms Banks will once again deliver a highly erotic, incredibly sensual and enjoyable story.

  1. Sweet Surrender
  2. Sweet Persuasion
  3. Sweet Seduction
  4. Sweet Temptation (Apr 2010)

~ by Tazallie on October 11, 2009.

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