Paranormal Romance Reviews – The Place to share thoughts, feelings, suggestions and reviews on Paranormal and Romance Genre Books and fiction – though feel free to review and suggest other books and Genres too!

Hi All,
We hope that this will become a premier site for Paranormal Book and Romance Book Reviews.
Those of us involved in running this blog all work at an independent bookshop based in Lincoln, UK and one of our top selling sections (and one of our personal favourite sections to choose a book from) is the Paranormal and Romance Genre sections.
These days this spans a wide range of styles, titles and mediums – yes graphic novels, manga, chapter books and the full out 700+ page or multibook spanning epics.
However we love to read them, we love to sell them and yes we love to talk about them (and now type about them!), but we love it when we interact with others too, so we want this to be a site where you all come in and add reviews too, add them in the comments section and see them get added as full on blog posts in time.
make suggestions of other titles, authors and yes even genres – get involved, share your thoughts, feelings and favourite reads.
jump in – the waters fine! Ohh and Dive to the bottom of the page to find our YouTube playlist of book video trailers!


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